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Physical exams are an essential part of your child’s health. At Good Choice Pediatrics, Dr. Anslem Oparaugo offers comprehensive pediatric examinations for kids from the greater Las Vegas area. The exams provide the information needed to address any health issues that might arise and to ensure that your child is developing healthily. If you’re looking for a pediatrician who takes the time to get to know both you and your child, schedule an appointment with Dr. Oparaugo today. Online scheduling is available, making it easy to find a convenient appointment time.

Physical Exams Q&A

What is a pediatric physical exam?

Pediatric exams, commonly called physicals, allow Dr. Oparaugo to check your child’s overall health and development. They focus on charting development and checking for markers of health, rather than addressing a specific illness or injury.

Some pediatric exams have a specific purpose, like pre-kindergarten exams or athletic exams if your child is interested in playing sports at school. They may focus on specific elements, but also include the same essential components as an annual pediatric examination.

What happens during a pediatric exam?

One of the most important components of a pediatric exam is the interaction between parents and pediatrician. It’s your opportunity to express concerns and ask questions about your child’s health and development. You should also let the pediatrician know if you’re concerned about any symptoms or developmental issues.

Dr. Oparaugo will check your child’s temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, and reflexes. He’ll measure height and weight, and show you where your child sits on the developmental scale for his or her age.

He’ll also make sure your child’s skin, bone, and muscle structures and balance are all normal. A basic vision and hearing check may also be part of the examination.

Dr. Oparaugo is warm and personable, and always makes children feel comfortable and at ease during appointments.

Why are pediatric exams so important?

One important reason to schedule annual exams is to build and expand your child ’s comprehensive medical record.

All of the data collected during the exam becomes part of his or her medical record. That allows Dr. Oparaugo to track changes over time, and recognize if there are signs of disease or delayed development.

Your child’s medical record also includes his or her immunization history. If your child needs vaccines, they can be administered during the exam.

An often-overlooked aspect of pediatric exams is the relationship that develops between your child and the doctor. Positive interactions at an early age can help children understand that they needn’t fear doctors, and that routine medical exams are a normal and essential part of life. Those concepts stay with them into adulthood and help them prioritize their lifelong health.

If it’s time for your child’s pediatric exam, schedule an appointment with Dr. Oparaugo at Good Choice Pediatrics.