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Anslem Oparaugo, MD, MPH

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Roughly one of every three American children is overweight or obese. And countless more aren’t receiving the nutrition they need to thrive. Dr. Anslem Oparaugo of Good Choice Pediatrics helps families from in and around Las Vegas improve their children’s health by improving their nutrition. If you’re interested in learning more about the nutrition services offered through Good Choice Pediatrics, schedule a consultation today by calling the office or using the online scheduling tool.

Nutrition Q&A

Why is childhood nutrition important?

The food your kids eat directly affects their overall health. In fact, nutrition is arguably the most critical component of a healthy lifestyle. Poor nutrition can also be the primary cause of various health problems, especially concerning unhealthy weight gain.

Kids who are overweight are more susceptible to numerous diseases and health conditions. And plenty of research suggests that people who struggle with their weight as children continue those patterns into adulthood.

Whether a child is overweight or not, a lack of adequate vitamins, minerals and nutrients can seriously impede proper development. Childhood is a time of incredible growth and change. Your child needs the building blocks of nutrition to grow and thrive.

What can parents do to improve nutrition?

Parents play a crucial role in childhood nutrition. They act as role models for not only what to eat, but how to approach food in general.

Parents have a direct impact on nutrition by the food items they purchase and prepare for their kids. Unfortunately, making wise choices isn’t always simple or easy, thanks to large-scale marketing efforts aimed at confusing consumers and pushing highly processed nutritionally deficient food products.

What can be done about picky eaters?

Many children go through phases where they’re incredibly picky about what they’ll eat. That makes it hard for parents who want to ensure that their kids eat healthy diets, but who don’t want to wage war at every meal.

Engaging in ongoing battles over food isn’t good for parents or children. It can create an undercurrent of tension within the household, and can also color the way that kids approach food as adults.  

Dr. Oparaugo offers nutritional counseling that can help you ensure your child is getting sufficient nutrition while making mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone involved.

What is nutritional counseling?

Nutritional counseling provides customized guidance on the best foods to eat, and in what quantities. It’s a highly customized process that takes your child’s and family’s needs into consideration.

Dr. Oparaugo works with you to assess your child’s current diet and identify areas where improvements can be made. He uses the information in your child’s health record to determine any deficiencies or excessive levels.

As your family incorporates the suggested changes, Dr. Oparaugo uses that information to track your child’s progress and make adjustments if needed. If necessary, he can also refer you to a specialist to address any additional needs. If he does, he’ll stay in close contact with the specialist to support continuity of care.    

If you feel that your child could benefit from nutritional counseling, schedule an appointment with Good Choice Pediatrics today. Working in partnership with Dr. Oparaugo can help your entire family embrace a healthier, more balanced diet.